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Top 10: Bourbon Wish List 2016

Top 10: Bourbon Wish List 2016

We didn't have a good image for this one so here is something vague we stole from the internet

We didn't have a good image for this one so here is something vague we stole from the internet

Living in the UK probably allows us the opportunity to create a Top 100 bourbon wish list. The sheer number of bourbons now produced in the US and the difficulties in sourcing them (without ridiculously deep pockets) makes this sort of list unfortunately very easy for us to compile. For us, our top 10 changes from month to month but below you will see our most up to date wish list. As Pappy van Winkle expressions will always be at the very top of our wish list we thought it would be interesting to exclude them from our current top 10.

The Bourbon Gents Top 10 Wish List (Not including Pappy):

1 - George T Stagg

Part of the Buffalo Trace antique collection. Straight out of the barrel, uncut, unfiltered. Adore Stagg Jnr and just can’t wait to taste Stagg Snr and see if it lives up to the hype.

2 - W L Weller 12

Another Buffalo Trace offering, a high level of wheat supposedly gives this a smooth silky taste. Burnt orange colour and bottled at 45% ABV (1 half of a poor man’s pappy*).

3 - Old Weller Antique

Yet again, another Buffalo Trace (We are seeing a pattern here with our wishes). These days it is released as no age statement high wheated bourbon. Where stocked it is usually available at a great price (the second half of a poor man’s pappy*).

4 - Angels Envy Port Finished

For some unknown reason this has been on our wish list the longest. As with many others on the wish list it is incredibly difficult to find in the UK. Spends its final 3-6 months of maturation in port barrels. It sounds absolutely fantastic!

5 - Elmer T Lee Single Barrel

One of very few bourbons named after a master distiller. We’re yet to read a bad review of this single barrel. Bottled at 45% ABV with no age statement, but the average age is assumed to be between 8 and 14 years.

6 - Booker Rye

For those of you who know Mr Pies tastes, this has got to be his perfect wish. 70% rye, aged for 13 years, 1 month and 12 days, bottled uncut, unfiltered and at 68% ABV. It is so rare though so we doubt whether this will ever pass our lips.

7 - Wild Turkey Forgiven

A blend of 6 year old bourbon and 4 year old rye whiskey. An apparent mix up at the distillery created this mishap. It tasted so good, they decided to bottle it. Not sure if we will ever get to taste it. Once it’s all gone, it’s gone forever!

8 - Bowman Brothers Small Batch

We saw the A Smith Bowman master distiller (Brian Prewitt) on a BBC Travel documentary and was enchanted by the story of this Virginia craft distillery. The small batch has been distilled 3 times. Their unique copper still produces a bourbon with a flavour like no other (one day we might agree).

9 - Boundary Oak

The Gents first heard of this start up distillery on the Bourbon Pursuit podcast and immediately signed up to the Boundary Oak newsletter. There is something fascinating about following the story of a new distillery and waiting for their first bourbon release. At the moment they produce moonshine and something called Kentucky Amber. Their first bourbon will be available sometime in 2016/2017.

10 – Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea

No matter what you think of the marketing story, this is an absolutely fantastic idea. Aged between 6-8 years on dry land, the barrels are then finished on a journey by sea for between 6-10 months. There are a number of different ones available but each one typically visits 5 continents, stops at over 30 ports and crosses the equator 4 times. Excited to try!

So there you have it, our top 10.  Please let us know what would be in your top 10 wish list. Which ones in our wish list have you already tried?  How were they?  Great or not so great?  Leave a comment and let us know!

* Mixed together, these two bourbons allegedly taste very similar to Pappy Van Winkle bourbon!


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