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Top 10: Bourbons Under £30

Top 10: Bourbons Under £30

We know what it's like, you'd love to buy a bottle of George T Stagg or splash out on a Pappy 23yo that just popped up on eBay. However, real life gets in the way so spending huge amounts of money on bourbon sadly has to be dropped in favour of paying all the bills, or taking your cat to the vet for the 100th time. With this in mind the Gents decided to pull together a list of the best bourbons you can get without breaking the bank.

We should point out of course that this is from the UK perspective, and we imagine in the US that you can get a whole different level of bourbon for these prices. For us in the UK though this is the best selection you can get your hands on for under 30 English Pounds.

The Bourbon Gents Top Ten Under £30

1 - Four Roses Small Batch

 This drink is a huge leap up from the standard Four Roses offering and gives you the biggest bang for your buck as far as the Gents are concerned. It's fruity, rich, & stands out from the crowd

2 - Knob Creek

From its distinctive bottle (designed to look like like an old bootlegged bourbon complete with newspaper print on the label), to its equally distinctive name (after the creek that ran through Abe Lincoln's family home) this bourbon is a stand out.

3 - Wild Turkey 81

The Gents went wild (excuse the pun) for this dram back when they originally reviewed it for the site. The toffee notes combined with the surprising hit of spice sit nicely together in this often overlooked dram.

4 - Woodford Reserve

Full, rich, fruity, and quite spicy due do it's high rye content. This bourbon is a constant in both Mr Pie and Mav's households. It's easy to get hold of in most UK supermarkets and it comes in a fancy bottle too. What more can you ask for?

5 - Maker's Mark

Probably the easiest bourbon on this list to drink. The high wheat content makes this dram a different kind of beast compared to the others. There's no burn or spice so this is definitely more in Mav's wheelhouse than Mr Pie's. Lovely stuff.

6 - Buffalo Trace

This was an early favourite of the Gents back when they were first starting on their bourbon journey, and for good reason. Spicy, sweet, oaky, and with a surprisingly good finish for the low alcohol volume.

7 - Evan Williams 1783

Named '1783' after the year that Evan Williams set up his distillery on the banks of the Ohio River. It's probably the hardest to find in the wild of those that appear on this list but well worth seeking out.

8 - Bulleit

Recently reviewed on our podcast (episode 16 for those that want to hear our 'live' tasting notes). This is a great little dram that only lets itself down with the weak finish. Otherwise it's one of those perfect starting bourbons that is easy to keep sipping.

9 - Jim Beam Double Oak

The Gents believe that it is basically the Jim Beam White Label which, after maturing in new oak barrels for 4 years, is then transferred into another oak barrel for an undetermined length of time for additional ageing.

10 - Jim Beam Devil's Cut

Ah the advantages of owning and writing your own content. It means you get to do things like this. No one else would ever include Devil's Cut on this list, but the Gents have a fondness for it and so we've snuck (yes it's a word) it in at the end. Don't write into us complaining if you hate it. We've given you 9 other good ones to try first :)

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