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Top 10: Bourbons Under £50

Top 10: Bourbons Under £50

At some point in your bourbon journey you stop buying the regular supermarket offerings and begin to look for something else, something with more complexity, something more challenging to your palate, and thus something more expensive. As always your friends the Bourbon Gents are on hand to give you some guidance with that next step on the bourbon ladder. So here are our picks for the top ten bourbons you can buy for under £50.

As a disclaimer we should point out of course that this is from the UK perspective, and we imagine in the US that you can get a whole different level of bourbon for these prices. For us in the UK though this is the best selection you can get your hands on for under 50 English Pounds.

The Bourbon Gents Top Ten Under £50

1 - Four Roses Single Barrel

World Cup winner and one of the best bourbons your money can buy you. An easy choice for our number one bourbon under £50. Strong, complex, and a gorgeous bottle to boot! What's not to love.

2 - Maker's 46

One of Mr Pie's favourite bourbons. There is a lot going on with this one compared to the regular Maker's Mark due to the additional spice from inserting seared French oak staves into the barrels (with the stave profile "number 46" - thus the name). We don't advise drinking it from shot glasses though ;)

3 - Fighting Cock

The surprise entry in to our 2017 bourbons of the year top ten list. This one came out of nowhere after Mr Pie received a sample and was very impressed by it. Live on the BOTY podcast Mav then pulled his dusty bottle off the shelf and gave it another try. Instant Bourbon Gents favourite.

4 - Wild Turkey 101

The Wild Turkey range is probably overall the Gents highest rated of any brand. The 81, the 101, and Rare Breed all scoring 8's. This is Mr Pie's pick of the bunch and it's hard to fault it.Full of toffee, honey, and caramel, with a hint of spice on the finish.

5 - Blanton's Single Barrel

The most expensive bourbon on this list just scraping under the £50 limit. Without a doubt though it is one of the most impressive. From the distinctive Blanton's bottle with the horse and jockey stopper, to the rich caramel and oak taste, it's a great package. 

6 - Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

It begins life being aged in the same way as the classic Woodford Reserve, but it is then further matured in barrels which have been heavily toasted and lightly charred. Adding a depth of sweet oak character to the bourbon, as well as developing the fruit, vanilla and caramel notes.

7 - Old Forester Statesman

Named after the latest 'Kingsman' film, this tie in whiskey completely blows the film out of the water in terms of value and pure entertainment. Forget the film and put the price of the blu-ray towards one of these bottles and you won't regret it.

8 - Evan Williams Single Barrel 

We recently attended an Evans Williams tasting event and met with the charming UK brand ambassador who told us that EW's is the 2nd best selling bourbon in the world. This is the stand out drink from their range and one we can highly recommend.  

9 - Elijah Craig Small Batch 

Yes it's lost the 12 year old age statement, and yes the bottle design isn't as cool anymore. Ignoring that though this is still a great bourbon and worthy of being in any collection. It's a must try on your bourbon journey.

10 - Eagle Rare 10

The bourbon that probably takes the most bashing from the Gents on our podcasts and so we are showing it some love by including it here. A bit too much pepper and spice for our liking but none the less an excellent step up bourbon after you have exhausted the regular offerings out there.

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