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Guest Review - St George Breaking & Entering Bourbon

Guest Review - St George Breaking & Entering Bourbon

Company: St. George Spirits.
Vol: 43%
Age: St George claim that the whiskies in this blend are 5-8 years old
Classification: Bourbon
Mash Bill: A blend of bourbon whiskies so no single mash bill (however no wheat)
Price: £60 - if you can find it!


Guest reviews are like busses. Big, loud and full of people you don't want to sit next to... wait, that's not the right analogy! What we meant to say was you wait ages for one and the 2 come along close together. Hot off the heels of his review last month Aiden (honourary Gent) is back with another excellent bourbon review. Enjoy!


I really enjoy the tales told by American Whiskey distillers and bottlers about their products, there’s a certain romance about them that appeals. I mean who isn’t taken in by the tale of the great Reverend Elijah Craig and his miraculous barrels that only burned on the inside during a fire, giving birth to bourbon as we know it today?


Here’s one that’s a bit different, but no less appealing. Here’s a bottle from a distillery that is totally honest about the contents of the bottle. St George Spirits sampled around 400 barrels from distillers around Kentucky, choosing 80 to take back to California and blend together and craft this whiskey. Their honesty even extends to the name on the bottle, Breaking & Entering to ‘steal’ barrels from other distillers and blend their own bourbon.

Incidentally, St George are one of the oldest craft distillers in the US, emerging when I was a little nipper in the early 80’s. They also produce other spirits, but today is about this limited release bourbon.

The Review

For this review, Aiden drank it neat in a Glencairn glass.


What Aiden got – Spice reminiscent of Wild Turkey, but not as pronounced. Char from the barrel. Sweetness of the corn and banana. Not those squishy banana sweets like Jack Daniel’s, but actual banana.

What they say he should get – Warm banana nut bread and vanilla caramels dominate the nose with hints of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg rounding out the aromas.


What Aiden got – A lightly spicy start, followed by an incredibly pleasant burst of sweet corn (not sweetcorn, that’s something else entirely) and traditional caramel and vanilla on the palate.

What they say he should get – One sip will prove that the sweetness in the nose was supremely deceptive as nuttiness and spice pull forward with dominant cinnamon, white pepper. and


What Aiden got – A pleasant finish dominated by caramel and vanilla at first before a short bitterness. Not overly long lasting.

What they say he should get – A moderate finish persists with big wood, baking spice and caramel with lingering banana flambé


You know, sometimes I don’t want a whiskey to smack me in the face, sometimes I don’t want a whiskey to assault my taste buds with an explosion of alcohol and flavours. Sometimes I want something simpler, something milder and easy to enjoy for what it is. I think this bourbon is it.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really get along with this bourbon when I first opened it, however, a few months and a few drams later the opposite is true. This is a very easy to drink bourbon, nothing unpleasant about it at all. It is quickly sweet on the palate all the way through to a slight bitterness at the finish. The traditional bourbon flavours are there, weighted towards sweetness, it’s a dessert of a bourbon for me.

Sadly, it is no more. If you see it on a shelf, grab it.

Aiden's Score

7 out of 10

Aiden Bertie
Twitter - @bobafett2k6
Instagram – bobafett2k6

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